People need feedback and validation fast. Give it to them faster with skillrater.

Skillrater is a private social feedback network that helps employees get feedback and review across departments, locations, and business operations.

  • Ed Franzone, Worldwide Learning & Development Leader, BD

    Skillrater is an excellent tool that has helped measure the impact of our initiative, while supporting a culture of openness. Our experience with Skillrater at BD is proof that the product works and is outstanding.

  • Dan Herman, Procurement manager, Instruments Manufacturing, BD Diagnostic Systems

    “Many tools try to do too much and become too complex and inefficient, especially when you’re asking people to take time out of their day to give you their feedback. A good feedback tool needs to be easy to use. That’s what I enjoy the most about Skillrater. Skillrater feedback gets straight to the point. The feedback was very specific and easy to interpret, not as lengthy or convoluted as the feedback generated by other review tools."

Companies on Skillrater

Skillrater's performance management system is revolutionizing the field of social business tools for companies worldwide.